Parent/Partner Salute

Parent/Partner Salute

Jessie is the mother of Tripp Bittinger, a current third grader who attends Chocachatti.  Tripp is in his fourth year at our school and is thriving in our MicroSociety program. Her son has been at Chocachatti since Kindergarten.  Jessie is a parent at the school and truly supports our program. She allows her son, Tripp to make all the decisions when it comes to his Micro experience.   He recently applied for and was hired at the Chocachatti National Bank (CNB). Jessie says her son is constantly applying what he learned (in Micro) out in the community and at home.  He counts his piggy bank nightly to watch his account grow and frequently counts back change at the local markets to ensure they are not shorted money by the cashier! Tripp takes his job very seriously and loves working at the bank.  He frequently brags about his job to family members and loves to demonstrate what he knows during family dinners.


Andrea is a parent of two Chocachatti students, Lily who is in fourth grade, and Jeffrey who is in first grade.  She volunteers three days a week in both children’s classrooms and has a great relationship with her children’s teachers.  She assists our staff and parents by coordinating

school events such as the book fair and Box Tops for Education rewards. She currently serves on the school’s playground committee who are hosting several fundraisers to build a brand new playground for the school. Mrs. Frazier is a parent of two of our students. Lily, a fourth grader,

has participated in Musical Theater, Court, Smoothie Station, and Chocolateers, and has had managerial experience within some of these micros. Her first grader, Jeffrey, has been manager of Smoothie Station and also worked in the Garden of Eatin’. Mrs. Frazier is a regular

volunteer and loves seeing what’s going on academically in the classroom and in the Micro classes. She often helps research recipes and assists the students with making products.

She loves the real life experience of Micro and the values it teaches.  Both of her children have a great understanding of how the economic system works, which she attributes to their experiences of being able to take their ideas and turn them into something tangible, then watch the consumer enjoy the outcome of their hard work. They also budget in order to purchase specific items from other micros. In turn, they go home and are able to keep up with the adult’s conversations about their careers based on their experiences in their jobs at school.


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