Garden of Eatin'

Garden of Eatin’


Third, fourth, and fifth graders, Shyla, Haylee and Trey are all in Garden of Eatin’. On any given day, you can see them tending their newly planted garden, collecting fruits and vegetables (tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers) and fresh herbs.  As part of her marketing responsibilities, Avery introduces the Aeroponic tower garden to interested passersby but if asked, she will tell you quickly that she favors kale. The towers bring recycled water to the plants every 15 minutes. What fascinates her prospective customers most is that they don’t use soil or chemicals to grow these foods and folks at the Chocachatti café can hardly wait to serve them. Smoothies anyone?


Farm to Table at Farm Fresh Creations

Students at Chocachatti wanted to know where their food was coming from.  They heard about the social movement of serving local food and community supported agriculture and since they lived in semi rural Hernando County in Florida, they thought they should have options to the typical cafeteria food. And besides, wouldn’t fresh, organic produce offer greater nutritional value? Leaders Lara Silva and Silvina Dougherty thought so and after months of planning, they applied for a grant from Hernando County Education Fund and Voila! Chocachatti’s MicroSociety started its very own Farm-To-Table service. First came poultry farmers: First graders Marcy and Mateo. They launched their venture, Farm Fresh Creations, which purchased baby chicks and Marcy and Mateo cared for them from the time they were just a few days old. Soon those baby chicks will be laying eggs and when they do, Farm Fresh Creations will have completed its food safety protocol and will be selling to the Chocachatti Cafe, (IS THIS THE NAME OF THE CAFE?) that is, if their contract negotiations go according to plan. If not, perhaps a mini farmer’s market is their future?   




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