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At Chocachatti, the arts rule!  As students, these first through fifth graders learn a wide variety of painting techniques in class but as entrepreneurs, they saw the potential for a highly successful business so in Micro fashion, Canvas Creations connects the classroom to the marketplace. Learning how to price their work can get a bit dicey for third grader Mollie, the venture’s Customer Service Agent, who greets customers and helps facilitate sales, but like in any small business, the artists at Canvas Creations calculate their costs, value their time and then see what the market demand reveals. For now, she is thrilled that her snowman painting has been commissioned by this year’s Winter Wonderland.

When negotiations break down or contracts are breached, the citizens of Chocachatti know that CES Court will have to step in and solve problems for them so the incentive to stay out of the judicial system is fierce. The fees add up: lawyers, courtrooms, filing fees. But CES Court employees have different motivations. They want to try cases! Before being sworn in, Judges Joseph and Katie had to be trained in critical thinking and problem solving techniques in order to fairly determine guilt or innocence and every day on the job, their communication and persuasion skills improve as they announce their rulings. Meanwhile, the paperwork is managed by the Court Clerk, the bailiff swears citizens in under oath and the Crimestoppers are seasoned experts who keep the peace in the courtroom, answer questions of the judge and when needed, provide expert witness testimony. Behind the scenes, these keepers of the peace take continuous learning seriously by partnering with the County Sheriff’s department. Twice a year, they tour the facility to learn about the different departments of the Sheriff’s office–the SWAT team, call center, K-9 unit–as well as different vehicles and modes of transportation. This year, they studied forensics so that they could better qualify as experts. Yep, this is real life!





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21st Century Learning in Action

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