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The Center for the Arts and MicroSocietyⓇ is committed to providing a positive learning environment which integrates the creative abilities of children into the curriculum.  The school’s mission is to provide children with learning experiences that will enable them to become productive members of society, of worth to themselves and others, by encouraging academic growth while developing aesthetic values in the creative and performing arts.


Chocachatti opened as a Performing Arts MicroSociety Magnet school in 1999 and all 750 students in grades kindergarten through fifth grade enjoy the benefits of both.  The model has

gone through highs and lows during our 20 year history but as its academic placement in the district bears out, it is consistently effective and remains one of the most sought after schools by parents in Hernando County. Like all schools which seek to do more, Chocachatti has faced its share of funding, materials, and scheduling challenges but every year nearly 500 applicants seek placement for one of the 130 new seats within the school. For the past 5 years, staff and administration have put a heavy emphasis on growing the MicroSociety environment to become bigger and better.  Based on statewide assessments, Chocachatti is an “A” rated Florida school and ranks in the top 10% of schools across the state of Florida and continue to progress every year.


Some worry that MicroSociety takes time away from traditional instruction but school leadership and staff understand that it acts as an accelerant, enhancing student learning by making real world connections to the classroom and to standards. To take greater advantage of the model, the school increased common MicroSociety time in the schedule, involves all 75 active staff members, contracts service employees and volunteers, and offers its students over 60 different MicroSociety jobs to choose from. Most recently, sustainable farming was added to its course of study, providing students the opportunity to actively participate in animal care and organic farming so they learn the entire farm-to-table process.  A wide range of student run governmental agencies oversee and manage the MicroSociety community while local businesses mentor student ventures and alumni return regularly to share how MicroSociety is impacting their lives after fifth grade.


According to one Trulia parent: “When we first attended the orientation 6 years ago, my husband and I could not believe the curriculum available to the students. We had never heard of a MicroSociety school and loved the concept. It teaches the students utilizing the arts (drama, music dance and art) as well as giving them an idea of what life is all about. Having our daughter start her academic life in a school like Chocachatti made her a better student. This school deserves 10 stars – not just five!!!!”


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